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Nagaland is situated in the Easternmost part of India. Bounded by Assam in the West, Arunachal Pradesh in the North, Manipur in the south and Myanmar in the East, Nagaland is a state with most of the terrains hilly with beautiful mountain ranges and valleys. The beauty terrain of Nagaland ranges from Mt Saramati, the highest mountain in Naglanad to the beautiful Dzukou valley and many other places of interest which are still unexplored are delights for visitor and tourists. This website is intended to highlight and promote trekking and adventure destinations in Nagaland operated by Alder Tours and Travel.

The destinations offered by Alder Tours and Travels through Barail ranges to the borders of Myanmar where you will still find lots of places undisturbed with rich flora and fauna. The uniqueness of this region offers adventurous and breathtaking experiences that you will hardly find in any other place. The packages available in this website are designed to make the guests worth of their holidays. Our hardworking and friendly staffs with smiling faces and the willingness to always move forward nullifies the challenges and fatigues that will make you feel more convenient and adventourous while journeying with us on tours and treks.

Come and be a part of journeying through this mystique land of hills and valleys exploring the histories, cultures and natures. We assure that you will return home with unforgettable lifetime memories.

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